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Our pedigree Aberdeen Angus Bull>
^ seems to admire one of our Cross bred cows and her calf.

Ours is a closed herd of cross-bred Aberdeen Angus and Sussex cows running with the Aberdeen Angus bull and we are one of the few farms who have never had BSE in our herd.

A fine chine of rib of beef to roast

We retain heifer calves as herd replacements and some yearlings are sold to other farmers. 

All our old cows stay with us until they die, so its not unknown for DEFRA to call us and enquire if we really do have a 20 year old cow! 

We only feed them natural grass in spring and summer and home grown forage in the autumn and winter and we never chemically fertilize our cattle feed crops. 

All our cattle are never weaned or housed in barns but live out their lives in the natural environment.


A selected few are available for sale.



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