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Home Bred Pork


A British Saddleback sow joined the animals at Karma Farm in 2008 and gave birth to fourteen piglets in May!

The British Saddleback is an old and rare breed of pig and on the 'endangered list, It was originally known as the ‘Wessex Saddleback’ from the New Forest area of England and the ‘Essex’ of East Anglia. The two breeds were combined in the 1960’s because the numbers were dropping so fast.

The breed is very hardy and they are renowned for being excellent mothers so we look forward to our piglets thriving.

« After a healthy dinner at their troughs, the piglets and sow start rooting around their paddock in the evening sunlight »

The pork from this breed is as good as it gets, with superb flavour and crackling. 

Naturally reared, home bred pork is now available as joints or as half a pig in a box for the freezer at very reasonable prices. 

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