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Welcome to Karma Farm 


Established in 1982 - Karma Farm has always been an eco-friendly farm.

Will is from a farming background and he went to the Shuttleworth Agricultural College after leaving school.

Completing his studies at college, nearly forty years ago, he then travelled overland visiting other parts of the world before finding his 'Karma'. A place to farm in a way he thought everyone should be able to farm - in harmony with nature rather than trying to defeat it.

We welcome visitors to holiday at our eco-friendly licensed camp site established in 2008, with places for caravans and tents and we also offer two yurts and a wood-clad cabin.

Our herd of beef cows are from traditional native breeds, Sussex and Aberdeen Angus with a few other breeds in their ancestry.

We encourage farmland birds which nationally have been in decline since the 1970's due to lack of food and habitat resulting from intensive farming practices.

So, please browse our website to find out all about us at Karma Farm - All your enquiries are very welcome!

In 1995 we built ourselves an earth-sheltered home with the help of our friend, the local architect, Graham Waterhouse. We all found extra extra help and advice from the book, 'How to build and underground house' by Malcome Wells, an American pioneer of earth-sheltered technology.

We've found it works very well and has given us a very comfortable and economical home, requiring little regular maintenance, so if anyone would like any helpful advice about this type of build, please do contact us!'

Will Taylor standing beside his earth-sheltered home at Karma Farm 

Our 'Earth Sheltered Home' at Karma Farm Earth sheltered homes are carbon-neutral and could even be 'positive' if materials such as hemp are used in the construction, with lime mortar used to build the floors and walls. An earth-sheltered house doesn't need to be expensive to be very good!

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